Architecture and Desing
from Lima/Peru & Tijuana/Mexico

Excercises of growth without design nevertheless results in organizational structures through processes of urban sedimentation in time—settlement, coagulation, and consolidation, all common patterns in “informal” housing conditions generated by poverty in many parts of Latin America. In my view, such patterns occur equally in housing, commerce, and transport, creating a network of microurbanisms that linked together makeup the “informal” city. A city of microurbanisms is constructed of units that reduce down, from near chaotic complexity, to the scale of one single individual. A person can carry his home, business and transport on the body; several individuals create micro-organizations that, outside of legal structures, consolidate over time into complex systems creating the new urban matter of physical and social infrastructure.

Project: SlowTrans Anyang (Korea) - For Anyang Public Art Project 2010 (APAP2010)

Mobile Peyong Sag attach to a bicycle

SlowTrans Anyang utilizes mobility and transport to connect APAP locations and programs with their potential audience and user—both visitors and locals. A variety of bicycles, other cycling machines, and mobile furniture units will be deployed through Anyang, like germs of the Biennial infiltrating both the spaces that are occupied by the event—the pavilions and other programs—and the existing community sites, such as markets, university, etc. SlowTrans Anyang functions to transport visitors to the various APAP events using their own body to do so; at the same time, SlowTrans Anyang also aims to connect with the local community, and is available rental and use by the local inhabitants as they go about their everyday business. Conceptually, the project threads together APAP with the local community through the efficiency of the body’s physical energy, forming an alternative slow transport that encourages the trans-like state of the derive, involving observation and engagement.

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Testing the mobile bench attach to the bike around the metal shops

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